R K Engineering Works: A Premier Manufacturer of Industrial Hydraulic Goods Lifts in Jaipur, Rajasthan


In the heart of Jaipur, Rajasthan, where tradition and modernity blend seamlessly, stands R K Engineering Works—a beacon of innovation in industrial machinery. Renowned for their commitment to quality and technological advancement, R K Engineering Works specializes in manufacturing Industrial Hydraulic Goods Lifts, designed to meet the diverse lifting needs of various industries.

About R K Engineering Works

Founded on the principles of excellence and customer-centricity, R K Engineering Works has carved a niche in the industrial sector by delivering robust and efficient hydraulic goods lifts. Their products are designed to handle heavy loads with precision and safety, making them an indispensable asset for factories, warehouses, and other industrial settings.

R K Engineering Works: A Premier Manufacturer of Industrial Hydraulic Goods Lifts in Jaipur, Rajasthan
R K Engineering Works: A Premier Manufacturer of Industrial Hydraulic Goods Lifts in Jaipur, Rajasthan

Why Choose R K Engineering Works?

**1. Unmatched Quality: Their lifts are fabricated using high-grade materials and advanced hydraulic technology, ensuring durability and reliability.

**2. Customization: R K Engineering Works offers tailored solutions to meet specific industrial requirements, providing lifts in various sizes and capacities.

**3. Compliance: All products adhere to industry standards and safety regulations, reflecting the company’s commitment to excellence.

**4. Service: With a focus on customer satisfaction, they provide comprehensive after-sales support, including installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting.

Why Choose R K Engineering Works || Leading Goods Lift Manufacturer in Rajasthan
Why Choose R K Engineering Works || Leading Goods Lift Manufacturer in Rajasthan

Specifications of Hydraulic Goods Lifts

Here’s a detailed look at the specifications of the hydraulic goods lifts manufactured by R K Engineering Works:

Load Capacity:

  • Standard Range: 500 kg to 5000 kg
  • Customizable for higher capacities based on client requirements

Platform Size:

  • Standard: 1000 mm x 1000 mm to 2500 mm x 3000 mm
  • Custom Sizes: Available upon request

Lift Height:

  • Standard: Up to 10 meters
  • Extended Height: Available based on specific needs

Power Source:

  • Electric Motor: 3-phase, 400 V, 50 Hz
  • Power Options: Available for different voltages and phases

Hydraulic System:

  • Hydraulic Pump: High-efficiency gear pump
  • Pressure: Up to 250 bar, adjustable based on load requirements

Control System:

  • Operation: Push-button controls with up, down, and emergency stop
  • Additional Options: PLC-based controls, remote control operation

Safety Features:

  • Emergency Lowering: Manual valve for controlled descent
  • Overload Protection: Automatic shut-off in case of overload
  • Safety Locks: Mechanically engaged at each floor level

Construction Material:

  • Platform: Anti-skid steel plate
  • Frame: High-strength steel with anti-corrosion coating

Guiding System:

  • Rails: Precision-machined guide rails for smooth operation
  • Rollers: Heavy-duty rollers with sealed bearings


  • Mounting: Floor-mounted with secure anchor points
  • Installation Service: Provided by R K Engineering Works’ skilled technicians


R K Engineering Works’ hydraulic goods lifts find extensive applications across various industries, including:

Warehouses: For moving heavy goods between floors efficiently.

Manufacturing Plants: Handling raw materials and finished products. **3. Retail Outlets: Transporting bulk stock in multi-level stores. **4. Logistics Centers: Facilitating swift loading and unloading operations.

Customization Options

Understanding that each industrial setup has unique requirements, R K Engineering Works offers comprehensive customization options:

  • Load Capacity: Beyond standard ranges to cater to heavy-duty applications.
  • Platform Dimensions: Tailored to fit specific spatial constraints.
  • Lift Height: Adjustable for varying building heights.
  • Control Systems: Customized to integrate with existing automation setups.

Customer Testimonials

“R K Engineering Works’ hydraulic lifts have significantly improved our warehouse operations. Their robust design and reliable performance are unparalleled.”Anand Sharma, Warehouse Manager

“The customization options provided by R K Engineering Works allowed us to install a lift that perfectly fits our manufacturing setup. Their support team is excellent!”Sunita Jain, Plant Supervisor


R K Engineering Works stands as a testament to engineering excellence in Jaipur, providing industrial hydraulic goods lifts that combine strength, safety, and reliability. With a keen eye on innovation and customer satisfaction, they continue to lead the way in the industrial lifting sector. Whether you are looking to enhance your operational efficiency or need a custom lifting solution, R K Engineering Works is your trusted partner.

For more information or to get in touch with R K Engineering Works, visit their official website.